Tuesday, June 26, 2018

César Vallejo imagined into English

The Third Horseman
poetry chapbook (16 pages)
by Cesar Vallejo - translations by R. Soos

César Vallejo wrote the poems in this pamphlet in 1918 he was 26 years old. He grew up in Santiago de Chuco, a small village in the Andes Mountains.  He went to College in Lima, a strong fishing and port city as well as the Capital of Peru. Vallejo's heavy Catholic upbringing is evident in the poems in the form of anger towards God as he struggled with the prophetic writings and began to see God as capricious - attacking mankind at will without regard to how individuals lived their lives. In the title poem he struggles with the third of the four "horsemen of the apocalypse", where famine is brought to the world. In the Catholic tradition, the messenger, or herald, on the horse is also known as an angel from God.  Other poems in this selection from his first book explore the ports and fishermen of Lima, and look back in fond memory at the village where he spent his formative years.

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